Single Tube RAM

Single Tube RAM

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  • Threaded Air Breather Replacements
  • Breather, Suction, Overflow


Air Breather

The ST RAM has a female pipe thread breather port located in the back of the body. The breather port sizes are 3/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ respectively for the three RAM body sizes. The breather port air area may be reduced due to larger tubes.



The suction tube (not supplied) can be inserted through the top or bottom of the cartridge. This depends on the tube being bent or straight. A straight suction tube can be expelled if the reservoir as excessive pressure. The tube can be any length allowing the suction tube to reach the bottom of the reservoir for maximum efficiency.



The overflow port allows access to the reservoir air space. In an overflow situation the air space is filled with fluid and can over pressurize the reservoir. When the overflow port is connected to another tote, drum or reservoir the fluid has an escape route preventing over pressurization. The overflow or the return port can be used and is located in the body. 


Large Body: 2" NPT, 1.5" NPT, 1" NPT, 2" NPS

Medium Body: 0.75" NPT, 0.5" NPT

Small Body: 0.375" NPT, 0.25" NPT