Bolt Down RAM

Bolt Down RAM

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Mounts to hydraulic reservoirs using the standard 6-bolt interface.


  • Filler-Breather Twist Cap Replacements
  • Breather, Suction, Return, Overflow, Sampling

Air Breather

The top and bottom of the BD6B comes with a 2.88″ 6 bolt standard pattern. The user may attach their existing bayonet style filler-breather cap. It also comes with a top 1″ female pipe thread to accommodate upgrading to a more efficient filter. 


Standard with a 1″ OD x 7″ long straight beaded suction tube. The user can attach a suction hose (not supplied) and position the hose near the bottom of the reservoir.


Standard with a 3/4″ OD x 5″ long beaded return tube. The tube is bent 10 degrees to separate the suction and return flows. The user can attach a return hose (not supplied) and position the hose on the opposite side of the baffle.


The 3/4″ female pipe thread overflow port allows access to the reservoir air gap space. In an overflow situation the air space is filled with fluid and can over pressurize the reservoir. When a hose is connected to the overflow and attached to another RAM’s overflow port or drum with an air vent the fluid has an escape route preventing over pressurization.

Sampling Port

The sample port is located on the side of the ram. A push-to-connect tube fitting is inserted into the interior sampling port to accommodate a 1/4″ OD tube (not supplied). The sampling tube may be attached to either down tube using nylon ties allowing for consistent, safe, easy oil sampling deep within the reservoir.


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